V for Vraiment is a fiction story, written in chapters by Vraiment.The characters are all users of the ASDF forum, particularly focusing on Vraiment, as the story is from his perspective. It has been given a particularly comic-like feel by the author, who is an avid comic book reader.

This guide will tell you things about characters, sites and objects about V for Vraiment that is most based in.

Prologue: The ASDF Defenders (also known as ASDFers) Edit

A little after Vraiment arrived to the ASDF dimension by first time, he gained CX and Atom's friendship, then they meet Keja, and they all realized that they could be the better defense mechanism to the cities against JKL; beings. So they formed an alliance known as The ASDF Defenders. Another guys from that moment joined the alliance: DomTar, Suntro, Arkannine, Gundam, Shai'Tan and W/E. During some time they worked together until Vraiment had a vision while fighting a JKL; being where JKL; told him that he was no one, that he was born to destroy the ASDF dimension, Vraiment started getting confused after this and decided to leave not just the team but the ASDF dimension, looking for answers. This created tension between the team, Gundam and W/E. CX helped Vrai to create a teleporting machine that was damaged in the first use, the one that took Vraiment out of the ASDF dimension. After this the team dismissed for the constants fight that W/E and Gundam created. After some time the members that didn't ended hating each other continued seeing each others and new guys attached to the friend group: ThingerDudes, ForrestKeys Ml08180 and Blargen but the team wasn't rebuild. "V for Vraiment" start a little after Vrai returns with BookGeek and join the friends.

Places Edit

Overveiw Edit

In V for Vraiment, the places where the story occurs are called dimensions (nothing new for you guys), all the dimensions has their own physical space (or inclusive don't have it) and physical laws (this include time), only with special machines or abilities someone or something can move between dimensions, and that's not like going to the shop for some milk.

Hearth Dimension Edit

This is our dimension and we DON'T TOUCH IT!

ASDF Dimension Edit

This dimension physical rules like the above except that the gravity don't affect the buildings so most buildings are flying around giving the look of kind of futuristic cities, but in here the people just have fun with each other, the capital city is the "A City" ruled by Philtom the ghost that follow direct orders from ASDF. A lot of time ago some JKL; beings find their way to ASDF dimension and started multiplying. Sometimes the JKL; beings attack cities and habitants and they have to defend themselves.

JKL; Dimension Edit

In the beginning JKL; dimension was full of life and joy, but after the ASDF dimension was formed JKL; started hating ASDF for an unknown reason so he started a war against ASDF, war that JKL; lost. Now JKL; dimension is dark and just death walks in there.

The Purple Dimension Edit

In this dimension all the things are purple, in here all the persons are clones of a purple being, they all can move to very high speeds and are linked to the same memory and brain. All the clones work in the same since the dimension was created, in what do they work? no one knows, but they are commanded by Purple.

The Ethereal Dimension Edit

In here the physical space exist in a different way that the others dimensions, here matter can change from being something solid to be just light, so the people that live in there can transform themselves in light and walk thought physical objects, using this same principles they can move other objects without have direct contact with them, using just the light that is surrounding them.

Charachters Edit

As far as this story is inspired in Comics books about super heroes (I've been reading a lot of DC Comics lately) I'll give a short bios of each character (most of them based in the wiki), and super power for each one.

Vraiment Edit

Short story Edit

A very little is know about Vraiment's origins, but one day he appeared in ASDF dimension with amnesia about his past, he lived among the ASDFers happy for some months and then he left ASDF dimension looking for answers about his past, now he has returned to stay in ASDF, despite no one knows if he made his objective.

Powers Edit

The first time that Vraiment appeared in ASDF dimension he had powers to control water in any form and way (he could even create water from the free elements in the air), he was pretty powerful, after his return he was very weaken and he lost his water controlling, but now he can teleport things (this include himself) in the actual dimension or even between dimensions, he can cry to loud too and use it as an attack, detect when something is very dangerous (a trap indeed) and he got a little technopath capacities.

ThingerDudes Edit

Short story Edit

ThingerDudes comes from the Purple Dimension, one day one clone hit himself in the head by accident and the link to the central brain was damaged, so he started thinking by himself and wondering "Why are we doing this?", when he finally meet with Purple he was banished from his dimension to the ASDF dimension where he adopted the name "ThingerDudes" and now lives happy.

Powers Edit

Once that ThingerDudes hit himself he learned that he could clone his body but his mind was still connected to all the cloned bodies. He can transform into a jelly that can move too, and as all the clones from The Purple Dimension he can run pretty fats.

Keja Edit

Short storyEdit

Keja born from a rich family in the "F City" (the most distant big city from "A City"), his father was an retired military with a farm, since child he liked to be between cows, horses and weapons. When he was old enough he entered into the "F City Defense Force" for protect the town, but after some problems with the general in charge he quitted and started working as a mercenary calling himself "The Space Cowboy", by his works he started traveling between the "D City", "S City" and "A City", after some travels in this last one he moved in there and stopped his travels for make a living in there.


Keja doesn't have powers, but he is pretty strong and knows how to manage almost any weapon that cross his way. He carry with him all the time too little magnum pistols, an automatic riffle with grenade launcher, two little shotguns, a plasma pistol, a flame thrower, a rocket launcher and a "laser shotgun" that is a pistol made by ThingerDudes with amazing destructive powers, all this without need ammunition. He is pretty skillful in body combat.

Arkannine Edit

Short story Edit

He born in "A City" from normal parents, with the time he developed pyromania and, his parents worried about Arkie's life prayed to Philtom for curing his son, but Philtom with the help of ASDF give him immunity to fires and powers to control it. He grow up happy with his powers using them for his fun (without really hurting no one), when he was an adult he found Keja in "A City" while he made one of his trips and joined him, but a short after when he was in "F City" his parents died and Arkie returned to "A City", this event changed him from the rebel boy that cared about no one to a guy that was worried about what happened to everyone, so he joined the "A City Defense Force".

Powers Edit

Akrannine can create fire and manipulate it. He's resistant to fire too and to high temperatures.

Atomtengeralattjaro Edit

Short story Edit

Atomtengeralattjaro also know as Atom, is a nuclear big (not giant) transformer, he was build for the war with JKL; by one of the brightest minds of ASDF dimension and originally was called unit A-TMTTJ. He archived many of the victories for ASDF. After the war was over his builder thought that to have such a powerful machine with all the remembers from the war could be dangerous, so he erased his memory and started traveling by the world, a little of time passed before his builder died, and Atom ended in "A City" where was taken by Philtom, he gave him a personality and a name: Atomtengeralattjaro. There Philtom installed CX Gamer in his inner systems before an avatar was builded for CX and they both became very close friends. He is one of the closest persons to Philtom and is the one who gives the face for him in "A City".

Powers Edit

Atomtengeralattjaro is a transformer made for war, so he can select a vehicle or animal that he can transform, but he usually likes to transform into a submarine as far as this is the shape that was originally made for. He has torpedo launchers and that kind of stuff, he can fly too as long as he is in robot form.

CX Gamer Edit

Short story Edit

CX Gamer is an AI programmed for take care for "A City", it was designed to be very intelligent and learn by himself. After sometime he went rampant and started attacking "A City" inhabitants and allowed to JKL; beings to enter the city. When Philtom become aware of this he took CX Gamer out of the city systems programmed more little AI without the capacities of CX and started repairing CX. After CX left rampant state he was installed in Atomtengeralattjaro systems for they both work together under the rules of Philtom, they become close friends both CX wanted to move freely rather than be attached to someone's else body, so he asked Philtom for a body and he builded an avatar for him, that is basically a robot that allow CX to move and leave it when it's needed. When CX Gamer is not in his avatar this transforms into a crazy friendly face.

Powers Edit

CX Gamer is an AI programmed for have high capacities in science field as well as be capable of defend the city, so he has some military skills. He can move his own program from one machine to another, and save it to a hard drive if there the machine where it is, it's going to shout down and has no another scape.

Shai'tan Edit

Short story Edit

Shai'tan born in "D City", where he lived a normal and quiet live as painter. When he grow up he started practicing the ninja arts in the stealth division of the "D City Defense Force", he liked it so much and was so good that started participating in tournaments between him an elite position in "A City Defense Force", position that Shai accepted.

Powers Edit

Shai'tan is an amazing ninja, fast and invisible (almost literally) Shai'tan is one of the best soldiers in any Defense Force, he learned basic teleporting in the stealth division of the "D City Defense Force", thing that took him a loot of work, but he made it.

Blargen Edit

Short story Edit

Blargen born in "A City", when he was a child his parents were murdered by an JKL; beings raid, he was filed with rage and started living by his own and didn't have friends. One day Blargen found a lost JKL; being out of the city and attacked it, the JKL; being was stronger than him and bit his arm, in that moment Blargen hate absorbed energy from the JKL; being and give him powers, then he killed the JKL; being and started roaming in the periphery of the city killing JKL; beings.

Powers Edit

He got his power form the JKL; bite merged with his rage, as far as he's not from the JKL; dimension he got necromancer powers, this include power to health himself with some bondes and teleportation in the same dimension

Ml08180 Edit

Short story Edit

Also known as "Mr. M", or Ml. He born in "A City" in a family of scientists, when he had aged enough he started helping his father with a experiment about preventing death Ml got photophobia and with the hope that the experiment would cure Ml his father used the experiment in him. He was partially healed but he kept studying and working for his father during a long time.

Powers Edit

Before getting photophobia Ml tried different experiments that enabled him to fly, see at the dark and super strength, experiments that ware successful, but probably the cause of the photophobia too. The results of the experiment for healing him weren't totally positive, Ml couldn't stand long hours under the sun or in intense light, but he could now stand with tenuous light, and the experiment give him invulnerability to most sickness and a healing factor.

ForrestKeys Edit

Short story Edit

ForrestKeys born in the Ethereal dimension and grew up in a happy family, while he was growing up he became addict to the cars races. He started a career as a speed racer. He ascended to the fame fast, as his abilities for racing were innate. One day in a race he speed up beyond of the recommended and for prevent a car accident he made light him and the car, this resulted in ForrestKeys traveling between the Ethereal dimension and the ASDF dimension. He lived there for a little until Vraiment appeared with his teleportation powers. He helped ForrestKeys to return to the Ethereal dimension but at the end ForrestKeys decided to stay at the ASDF dimensions as he felt in home while he stayed there.

Powers Edit

ForrestKeys is a ethereal and has all the capacities from them, he can convert himself in very fine light and walk trough solid objects and move them with the light surrounding them.

DomTar Edit

Short story Edit

DomTar born in "A City", she's relative of Philtom, but the actual relation is not known. She grew up with the rulers of "A City" so she grew up with a lot of comforts just like a princess, she liked to make origami and learned from the better ADSF professors. As Philtom saw her so happy with the origami that granted her capacities to make origami with everything in the ASDF world.

Powers Edit

She can bend almost everything and create any figure with them but it needs to be thin like a paper.

BookGeek Edit

Short story Edit

BookGeek arrived in the ASDF dimension with Vraiment the second time that he entered the dimension. Nothing is know about from where she comes, it is speculated that she has something to do with Vrai's past, 'cause everytime she's asked about how they both meet or how she came with Vraiment, doesn't answer.

Powers Edit

She has technopath capacities and is very skillful using weapons and body combat, alongside with a brilliant mind and a photographic memory.

Suntro Edit

Short story Edit

The only known thing about Suntro's past, only that he grew up in "S City" in the sea he became a pirate and then went to "A City".

Powers Edit

As a pirate Suntro learned the tricks for controlling peoples mind, beside body fight and weapon use

Extra Creatures Edit

JKL; being Edit

It's a strange monster from the JKL; dimension that entered the ASDF dimension during the war, was designed to kill people from the ASDF dimension, is a black ball with legs and a big mouth with sharp teeth, they multiply themselves as bunnies!

Purple Clone Edit

When the Purple dimension was created, Purple made a clone of himself but less powerful, he connected this clone to a central mind and memory that he controlled. Then Purple gave the clone powers to multiply himself as much times as it was necessary for make whatever they're doing