"Rikki rikki rikki"                           

                           - Keja on Sense

"Haba haba haba!..."

                           -CX Gamer on Sense

About sense Edit

Sense is a substance that is very hard, if not impossible, to make. Snarl gnarl.

Sense does not make you, this has been proved by scientists who tried sense-making, but their attempt resulted in a tremendously epic failure.

Tests have proven that sense is very dangerous, it can even cause severe brain damage if taken in excess. Avoid sense at all costs!

I don't understand this.

History of sense Edit

Sense has been in existance since three blue. Historians say there was an increasing sense-making in the early teaspoon century. Some goats escaped themselves.

One day, a giant dwarf emerged from the armpit of a statue in Southern pig, which caused the water to burn.

And so sense has been born.

Facts about sense Edit

  • Sense does NOT make you.
  • If sense made you, it wouldn't make sense.
  • If it would, refer to "Facts about sense" and read again.
  • Lists don't make sense.
  • owl
  • I'm not trying to make sense.
  • owl no.4
  • .
  • Sense likes the letter e

Senselessness Edit

Senselessness is something you should try and type really fast.

An important example of making sense

Not making sense is an important part of the economy, since the overproduction of sense has been proved to cause global warming, killing of kittens, couch and pillow abuse, etc.

A table
Amount of sense made Pillows Yes/No
1 Yes No
2 64 Sophie
Green Thermometer 8

Other examples Edit

no. Maybe.

abrupt ending