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RappY (short for Rap, as in Rhythmic American Pillowfight, also common abbreviation for "raptor") is a legendary Romanian dinosaur, born in the last decade of the 20th century.

Things to know about RappYEdit

This section is only differentiated from the previous one because I wanted more than one sections in this article. Fine? Okay. RappY is one of "The Triumvirate", a trio of forum members that consisted of at least six people, back in the First Era of the ASDF Forums. The Trio consisted of CX Gamer, RappY, atomtengeralattjaro, asdf_mincer, hobobuster, Yuryeong, W/E, etc.

RappY likes cookies and that is a fact because.


RappY left the ASDF Forums in 2008, leaving 4246 amazing posts behind.