OMG ZOMBIEZ!!!! was an RP by Reathos. As the name states, it was a zombie survival RP. I was very popular for a while. Reathos played the role of the zombies, but eventually lost intrest in his own RP, leaving the participating users to do things themselves.


A bunch of people met up in the street as zombies started overwhelming their neigbour hood. They head for a safehouse, but the people there believe that it is wrong to take guns from the police station, even to protect themselves, so the leave and take refuge at BenBen's warehouse.


  • bunchie spy got bitten by a zombie, and continued to post in his zombified form.
  • BenBen was somewhat of a Macguiver character, as he continued to make things do stuff they weren't meant to.
  • bjrocks1 was an overall leader character.
  • lunar_furor left the RP by doing a suicidething and stapping a whole bunch of bombs to himself and blowing up the zombies.