Warning!: JKL; is evil. therefore this article is evil. Approach with caution.

What is JKL;?Edit

JKL; is evil. it's the polar opposite of ASDF, so it is evil. It's so evil that it has a punctuation mark as part of its actual name. What the hell dude? It's like, letters weren't evil enough for you? Like what the hell man that is so not cool dude. JKL; is the source of all things evil. So it causes the problems that we encounter everyday. JKL; is responsible for communism, so it's probably communist. JKL; also embodies all evil, so it's probably a terrorist. It's the most vile scum ever.
Communism is evil

JKL; is a filthy communist

The Universal Equation of JKL;Edit

ASDF > everything > JKL;

Proof: ASDF is good. If we constitute "good" to have a greater mathematical value than "bad", ASDF is greater than all. Since JKL; is evil, it is less than all. Therefore, the equation must be true.

Cause of all things evil = JKL;

Proof : If you need proof for this, you are a JKL;er!

Things JKL; has doneEdit

  • Got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden of Eden
  • Killed Abel
  • Caused the fall of Atlantis
  • Killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Wrote The Communist Manisfesto under the pseudonym Karl Marx
  • Gave birth to Hitler, Stalin, and that other Italian dude
  • Stole our cookies
  • Invented AIDS
  • Opposed ASDF
  • Mastermind behind 9/11 and terrorism