Evai is the most mysterious of all ASDFers. He uses a womans name to mask his identity, uses proxies to hide his IP and has several user accounts.

Biography Edit

Evai, International Man of Mystery, was born in Hampshire, England in 1984. He was brought up by married MI5 operatives, Richard and Ellen Porter. His life after growing up is shrouded in mystery with rumour, possibly started by himself spread about his activity in The British Secret Service. It is believed that his true given name is Boba, after the popular Star Wars character, Boba Fett.

ASDF Accomplishments Edit

Evai is secretly every member of ASDF Forums, so he's done everything. Every post was by him, every award goes to him, and every spam post is removed by him. If you've ever posted on the ASDF Forums, he might be you!

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