Domtar is a paper company who is one of the few female users of ASDF forums, and is given the Title of "Princess Michele of ASDF forums" beause most the gentlemanly thing in the world to do is give a female user a fake title.

Biography Edit

Domtar was born in 1992 in ASDF castle, ASDFville. Her father is King Philtom, leader of ASDF's great kingdom. She is also the heir to the throne of ASDF and will one day rule the kingdom as her father did before her, unless of course, Philtom bears a male child in the near future.

ASDF Accomplishments Edit

Domtar was the one of the two people to be the first lovers married at The Church of ASDF. although the marriage did not last, they have paved the way for many couple who will succeed them. In 2009, she won the ASDF award for the friendliest member.

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