Blargen is a misguided member of ASDF Forums, who believes he is the embodiment of ASDF's dark side, which simply does not exist.


It is speculated by many that Blargen did not exist until early 2009, since there is no record of his existence prior to his entry to the forum. Several users know this not to be true, but only by word of mouth. He gained notoriety from his distinct personality, and his strange infatuation with graphic violence, especially to those against ASDF. His common curses to those who offend ASDFism utterly bweildered many users, as he claimed to be both pure evil and an enemy of JKL;, which are one and the same. He then went on to claim that he was ASDF's dark side, which does not exist, as ASDF is all good, with all evil being the work of JKL;. It has been rumoured by some that he may be a spy of JKL; without even himself knowing.

ASDF Accomplishments

Blargen has not yet accomplished any noteworthy acheivements on ASDF forums, but is likely to in the near future.

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