ASDFism, the religion regarding ASDF, was created by the forum user Peemore, who wrote the first chapter of the original Book of ASDF. other users, such as CX Gamer and Keja, have also written and rewritten the book, with a whole revised and larger edition by Keja. Although the book had existed a long time before any action was taken, nobody had decided to spread the word of ASDF, until Keja, now the leader of the Church of ASDF, decided that other people beyond the forum should know of ASDF.

The Original Book of ASDF

The original book, written by Peemore, CX Gamer and Mr the Face is a short story of only three chapters, chronicling the early years of ASDF and it's creations.

Chapter 1

As written by Peemore

In the beginning, there was ASDF.
But as the milleniums went by,
ASDF felt he needed a companion.
ASDF forged from the depths of the heavens,

As ASDF educated JKL; in the ways of life,
JKL; began to feel envious of ASDF's power.
JKL; then used all that ASDF taught him,
and created an army.

That army was located on the planet earth.
That army consisted of millions of "Human Beings".
JKL; thought that he could use this army against
the power of ASDF.

But JKL; made a fatal mistake.
He had given his these "beings" a free will.
A free mind, to do as they felt right.
And many of these humans knew that JKL; was pure evil.

With most of JKL;'s army having neglected him,
ASDF was more powerful than ever.
with the help of ASDF on their side,
These human beings banished JKL; to hell.

To remember this great tale,
Humans forged the "Keyboard".
This Keyboard reminds all of the great power that ASDF holds.
Every key on the board tells a different story. This is only the beginning. This is Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Written by CX Gamer and Mr the Face

The keyboard had strategic locations for each and every key.
To keep the keyboard in balance,
they placed ASDF and JKL; on the same row.
GH is caught between the two.

The allies of ASDF are QWER and ZXCV,
JKL; was jealous and took UIOP and M,./ as slaves.
The space bar was used to connect the two,
else the keyboard would fall apart.

UIOP did not like being enslaved by jkl; though,
noticing this ASDF appeared to UIOP one night.
There he offered UIOP the chance to become a spy.
UIOP accepted and since then has spied on jkl;.
jkl; has never realized that UIOP is a spy.

The CAPS key was sent by JKL;,
it was sent to spy on the actions of ASDF.
ASDF didn't like this,
so ASDF forged an indicator,
an indicator to see whenever the CAPS is spying.

The two sides were given a shift key,
used for temporarily boosting up the letters power.
Although JKL; was greedy and had taken a bigger one,
he has one key less instead on his side.

At last, the keyboard was given the backspace,
it had the power to erase JKL;s actions.

History shaped the keyboard over and over,
now it has reached it's ultimate form.
'Keyboard' was born, the war continued.

Humans were rewarded for the keyboard,
as they got blessed by ASDF him/her/itself.
These humans, the 9 crusaders of ASDF,
they fight for freedom,
they fight for respect,they fight for ASDF!

Chapter 3

watch this space

Development of the Religion

Keja, a user of ASDF forums has taken on the role of leader for the Church of ASDF, having published new beliefs and teachings of the congregation. He also rewrote the Book of ASDF, but declared them as works of fiction, despite their morals.

Keja's Declaration

What we will do as a religion:
Promote the teachings of our religion. The book of ASDF is a metaphor to show others how to act. In reality, ASDF created the universe and is the universe, which is one connected being. ASDF is not like a god in the sense that Gods are all powerful. ASDF is everything, but not the controller of everything. ASDF acts very much like a Portuguese Man O' War or other siphonophores. each part is connected and work together but cannot completely control the other parts. People do as they feel, not as they are commanded by a higher power, and it is up to them to do the right thing.

The Campaign

ASDFism is still a little known sect, and it needs help to grow. You can help by telling others information regarding ASDF. you can do this by visiting other forums and posting the story, or preaching to others you know, such as friends and family. Remember, ASDF needs you.